Jason Prinster, PhD

Behavioral Health

Dr. Jason Prinster is a licensed psychologist who has specialized in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of illness and disability. He has been credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists  since 2009 and is licensed in Oregon and Washington State. He has a diverse professional background as a psychologist, having trained and worked in a wide variety of clinical settings in Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Nevada.

He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Utah where he focused on psychological evaluation. He participated in internship training at Wright-Patterson Medical Center and post-doctoral residency training at Mike O’Callaghan Federal Hospital while serving as a commisioned officer in the United States Air Force. During his military service he worked in primary care and as a forward deployed combat stress control psychologist in Afghanistan.

After completing military service, Dr. Prinster developed a successful private practice in Bellingham, WA where he specialized in the evaluation and treatment of health and disability issues, working with chronic diseases including chronic pain, obesity, cancer, and health-related depression and anxiety. He additionally worked regionally as an expert witness, testifying in dozens of court cases related to issues of disability and psychological functioning.