Anita Henderson, MD

Primary Care

929 SW Simpson Suite 300
Bend, Oregon 97702

Dr. Anita Henderson is a family doctor who graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University in 2003 in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. She did her residency in Family Medicine at the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

She did her undergraduate studies at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, earning a major in Biology and a minor in Third World Development. She lived in Honduras for a semester during her senior year, and that changed her life in many ways, including giving her a sense of being a global citizen. She added an extra year to medical school in order to study medicine in India.

Dr. Henderson has a compassionate, pragmatic approach to working with her patients. She will help you uncover your own solutions as well as offer her expertise from 18 years of practicing medicine. Don’t be surprised if she suggests a few of her own favorite tools—yoga, getting outside, and good sleep.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, writing, reading the Sunday New York Times and memoir, working for racial justice, running, comedy, film, and travel. Hopefully her next trip is Africa.