Ann Bridget Bird, MD


Dr. Bird’s roots are in eastern North Carolina. As a child she lived in a number of
cities in North Carolina as well as in Baltimore, MD, and Jacksonville, FL. Dr. Bird
attended Princeton University, where she earned an undergraduate degree in
molecular biology. She graduated magna cum laude and was elected to Phi Beta

After considering an advanced degree in the sciences and a career in research, Dr.
Bird decided medicine, with its human element, was a better fit. One of Dr. Bird’s
favorite aspects of studying medicine at UNC Chapel Hill was the ability to pursue
clinical rotations at various locations throughout the state of North Carolina. It was
during this time that her love of community medicine was born.

Dr. Bird went on to complete her ob/gyn residency in a busy community hospital,
the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. During her training, she received a Best
Teaching Resident award from her interns and medical students. In addition, she
was chosen to serve as chief resident in her final year of residency.

Dr. Bird worked many years as a general ob/gyn, balancing the demands of gyn
surgeries and obstetrics with a busy office practice. More recently, she has focused
on work in the hospital setting as an ob/gyn hospitalist. While she encountered
many interesting challenges in that role, she has missed the ongoing relationships
with patients that are developed in the office setting. As a result, Dr. Bird is pleased
to be establishing an office gyn practice at High Lakes.

“I believe in addressing the needs of a patient beginning with a plan backed by a
foundation of scientific evidence. However, there is also an art to the practice of
medicine as it pertains to each unique individual. It is the combination of science
and art that is the cornerstone of my practice.”

Dr. Bird’s greatest joys are her children. Her family also includes a dog, Teddy, and
a cat, Marshmallow. Dr. Bird enjoys reading and water sports such as swimming
and paddle boarding. Since moving to Oregon, she has spent a great deal of time
trying to learn various winter sports to varying degrees of success. She plans to
keep trying!