Anita Henderson, MD

Primary Care

929 SW Simpson Suite 300
Bend, Oregon 97702

Dr. Henderson graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University in 2003, and received her training in Family Medicine at the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center in Lawrence, Massachusetts, graduating in 2006. She did her undergraduate studies at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, earning a major in Biology and a minor in Third World Development. She has always been passionate about the heart of medicine – that is what inspired her to go into medicine in the first place. She approaches wellness and illness from a holistic perspective and works to include the patient’s family as an integral part of the care plan. She believes that a good diet, movement, and getting outdoors, and meaningful connections with others can solve about 80 percent of our medical problems. Don’t be surprised if she suggests you try yoga.

In her time off, Dr. Henderson enjoys practicing yoga, learning guitar, jogging the beautiful trails in Bend, listening to live music with friends, and best of all, spending time with her sister’s family, including playing with her niece and nephew. She also loves to travel, some of her favorite spots being India, Italy, and Paris. Next on the list is Africa. Her dream is to someday write a book or screenplay.