Primary Care in Central Oregon

Family medicine is at the heart of the High Lakes practice.

As your primary health care provider, we know timely access is critical to your well-being. That’s why we strive to schedule appointments quickly and give you our full attention once you arrive. Should you need the care of a specialist, we will connect you with providers who share our ethos of medical excellence delivered with personalized, integral care. Our team of health care providers is proud to provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages through services that include:

New Patient Appointment Request

Preventive Health Exams, Diagnostics and Risk Factor Identification

Routine physicals and screenings are important for prevention, risk factor identification and early intervention. Our services include:

Evaluation and Management of Minor Illnesses and Injuries

We treat routine, non-emergency conditions and coordinate care for patients with undefined symptoms and complaints and new occurrences of pain.

Geriatric Medicine

We treat an array of chronic conditions associated with aging.

Where Can You Find One of Our Primary Care Doctors?


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High Lake Health Care’s team of primary care physicians can provide you and our family with exceptional care and treatment. Our three locations in Bend, Redmond, and Sisters provide patients with personalized and coordinated care with an array of services for a multitude of health issues from common colds to more serious health conditions.

Call (541) 389-7741 to schedule an appointment today to discuss your primary care needs!

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