How to Get Your Kids On A Back To School Schedule

How to get your kids on a back to school schedule is an annual issue, but unfortunately, this particular fall it will be more difficult than other years. We all know our children have been away from school for a longer time, and even with their online learning schedule, getting up to GO to school is a different matter. Here are some tips.

Gradually Phase In The New Bedtime Schedule

Start about two weeks out from when school will officially begin. This includes both at home learning or in person schooling. Gradually move their bedtime a little earlier each night and at the same time set their alarm clock a little earlier too.

Your kids have become accustomed to a carefree bedtime schedule, so now it’s time to reintroduce them to a more rigorous timetable. You should continue this schedule even on the weekends to remain consistent. They may not be happy about it, but it will pay dividends when the time comes.

Get Kids Bedrooms School Ready

With all the lockdowns and social distancing since March, you may have allowed your kids to have late movie binges and extra screen time on social media in their bedrooms. Now is the time to make some changes.

  • Limit their screen time and don’t allow any social media after “lights out.” Even better is ending all screen time, TV, video games, and chatting at least 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Remove all distractions from their rooms.
  • Depending on their age, a set area in their room provides some quiet study time. Younger kids may need this to be at the kitchen table.
  • Keep their bedrooms cool and close shades and curtains at bedtime.

Create Organization And Good Habits

Have them begin to lay out their clothes for the next day each night. Organize other little necessities that will save time in the busy morning hours. They can fill their water bottles the night before, be sure their mask is clean, and bathe.

If their new schedule will be a hybrid one, a good calendar is a must. Let them pick it out with your review, and fill it out for the month ahead. It might get confusing with a hybrid schedule, so even you will need to keep it all straight.

Communicate With Your Kids

Let your kids know this school year could be a confusing one, even for you. Ask for their help in making everything run smoothly at home and adhering to new rules.

Mitigate any fears by assuring them you will all get through this if you trust each other and work together.

Contact your child’s pediatrician at High Lakes Health Care if your child is becoming anxious about returning to school or for more tips about getting your kids on a back to school schedule.